Forging Soul Cap Co.

The Forging Soul Story


The Forging Soul Cap Co. was inspired by my brother - who survived cancer, lived with serious medical issues, and who was tragically shot and killed in March 2016. His struggles in life, and those he leaves behind in his untimely death, are a constant reminder of the obstacles faced by so many.

In spite of this tragedy, my brother taught us an important lesson - that more important than the obstacles we face is the way in which we face them. He lived faithfully and fearlessly. That's what I admired most about him. That's the spirit of Forging Soul.



Scripture teaches us to view obstacles as a source of strength - a concept that serves at the core of our message. The notion of a "Forging Soul".

This concept reveals that we are put through the fiery trials of life so that a great refiner can shape us into the strongest version of ourselves. No different than metal being shaped in fire, we are all being forged. All we can do is press onwards - and keep forging ahead.

That is why Forging Soul's mission is to insert the power of scripture into everyday life through our caps - inspiring you to approach life with a faithful and fearless attitude.  Our caps empower you to Forge On, because it isn't about how many times you get knocked down, but that each time you get back up and keep moving forward.

Be faithful. Be fearless. Forge On.